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Haig Barrett is a Management Consultancy that holistically looks at the enterprise and unlocks hidden value by idintifying inefficiencies in processes and practices, apoplying its extensive experience and aggregate team skill set to work in order for its clients optimize through Strategy & Implementations, Critical Knowledge Services, Sustainability & Innovation and extensive Leadership and Learning Services.

Haig Armaghanian, is Founder and Managing Partner of Haig Barrett, Inc.  Over the last 20+ years, Haig gained valuable business leadership experience in sales, marketing and manufacturing at Rio Tinto Corporation.  After his experience in corporate business management and development, he recognized the need for a new concept in management consulting that would help industries cope with the challenges of today's economy, notably the use of information and knowledge in organizational learning programs.  Since the founding of Haig Barrett, Inc. he has assisted over 40 organizations in various industries and government sectors in strategy formulation and implementation. 

Haig Barrett focuses on three (3) primary Client / Market Sectors:

-Resource Industries:
Mining, Oil & Gas, Chemicals; Critical Information - Safety Distributed - Production
-Automotive and Transport:
Automotive EV, Heavy Equipment, Utility Fleets: Critical Information - Product Distributed - Dealers
-Service Industries:
Financial Services, Utilities: Critical Information - Compliance Distributed - Service

It's Solutions Portfolio is two-fold:


-Strategy and Implementation
-Critical Knowledge Services (CKS)
-Sustainability & Innovation
-Leadership and Learning

Support Services

-Fiels Operation Services
-Creative Portfolio
-Publishing, Events & Media

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