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ShurGrowth Advisors aids its clients' growth by providing corporate development services. Traditionally, corporate development, the marrying of strategy with investment banking functions, is only found internally at Fortune 1000 companies or as a service offering at the largest of consulting firms who assist the largest business enterprises. ShurGrowth has put together a team of professionals to provide our clients with access to the human, information, and capital resources that they need to compete and expand in today's economic environment, while recognizing the financial constraints under which these firms operate.  

ShurGrowth's management identified that the family owned and closely held enterprises, particularly those in the low middle market and middle market arenas have a distinct need for corporate development expertise, but that firms in this size range generally cannot obtain it in a cost-effective and quality manner.  We focus on two specific areas: 1) Helping companies expand; and, 2) Ensuring that there is a strong business succession/continuity strategy in place. Furthermore, we recognize that our clients that are family-owned or closely held have unique needs and goals that distinguish them from their larger brethren. As such, we focus our team on taking into account partner and family dynamics and goals, as well as their corporate culture, when working with our clients on their strategic initiatives.

"Corporate Development is the strategic growth of a company by way of mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, partnerships and other transactions."

Among the myriad of techniques we employ are mergers and acquisitions (M&A), capital raising (including "going public") transactions, debt acquisition, increased distribution channels, and joint ventures/strategic alliances. Please explore our site to see how we can help your firm achieve its goals and overcome obstacles.

Mark Burton has 15+ years of transactional and business /corporate development experience working for firms that served their clients in various advisement capacities (valuation, legal and transactional advisement). A majority of his work has been in the corporate finance and securities sectors with a specific focus on merger and acquisitions and related services markets.  This experience allows Mark to "speak" and understand the concepts, concerns and perspectives of all of the major players involved in a liquidity, capital raise/debt placement or related transaction. In addition to being involved in providing legal and/or transactional advice Mark led the corporate and business development activities for all of the firms I served at.  Further, Mark holds both a law degree and a Certification in Merger and Acquisitions Advisory from Loyola of Chicago.  Mark's specialties are: Business development workshops and training, business development audits, ongoing business development support, corporate development strategy formation and implementation, project management including fund, RIA and family office formation and due diligence planning and preperation. Marketing for financial service and professional services firms.

To learn more about ShurGrowth Advisors, it's Team or suite of services please visit their website by clicking here.

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